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Apply For a Grant

The 2022 Grant Season is Open Feb. 1 to March 18

This year our grant applications are embedded in this webpage so you can complete them online (scroll to the bottom of the page and click the red button). We strongly suggest that you prepare your answers in advance in another document, as unsubmitted applications will not be saved. You may apply for a grant to improve or sustain general operations, or you may apply to support a new or existing program.

The applications are available in Word (below), and while we prefer to receive online applications, you may submit a Word doc to:

La versión en español no está disponible en línea, por lo que si habla principalmente español, descargue la versión de Word en español publicada aquí.

IMPORTANT: be sure to put the words: Grant Application in the email subject line when submitting.

IMPORTANTE: asegúrese de poner las palabras: Solicitud de Subvención en el asunto del correo electrónico al enviarlo.

The following information may be helpful for you to consider:

Our Objectives

Learn more about our mission and our currently funded programs.

Organizations and Grants We Consider

Tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organizations or governmental units performing service in the areas of health, human services, or education will be considered for grants.

Grants may be given to support an organization's operations and/or active programs providing direct services to those in need during the fiscal year July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023 within our service areas and ZIP codes:

  • Dennison, 55018
  • Dundas, 55019
  • Faribault, 55021
  • Kilkenny, 56052
  • Lonsdale, 55046
  • Montgomery, 56069
  • Morristown, 55052
  • Nerstrand, 55053
  • Northfield, 55057
  • Warsaw, 55087
  • Webster, 55088

Applicants should address a demonstrated need, explain how the organization or program helps solve the need, and explain how it measures results. 

This year we also are seeking to fund grants that improve equity in our community and the organizations that serve our community, and we will be seeking to fund grants that help people take steps toward stability and independence.

Organizations that have not received funding from the United Way in the past are welcome to apply. Past United Way grants are no guarantee of future funding.

We Will Not Consider Grants For:

  • Capital projects
  • Endowments
  • Organizations that espouse political or religious advocacy as part of their services
  • Organizations that engage in significant fundraising activity during one month of the annual United Way Campaign (Oct. 1-31). Certain exceptions may apply.

The deadline for the 2022 application is March 18, by midnight. 

Scam alert: United Way does not make grants to individuals. No one from the United Way will ever contact an individual with a grant offer. United Ways will never request social media login information or any personal data (driver's license, bank information, etc.) as part of an organization's grant application process. Learn more here >

We look forward to receiving your application! Questions? Contact