Rice County Area United Way Awards its First Microgrants

RICE COUNTY, Minn. (September 28, 2022) -- Rice County Area United Way is pleased to announce its first two $1,000 microgrant awards. United Way’s microgranting program was launched in August to award $100 to $1,000 to grantees bi-monthly for urgent needs.  

The first awards will go to the Community Action Center (CAC) and Rice County Neighbors United. 


About the grant to the CAC 

A $1,000 grant to the CAC will support a new program providing halal meat for Somali Muslim residents in Faribault. With the rising cost of food, the CAC has seen an increase in the number of Somali residents seeking nutritional resources. In Faribault, 50 percent of Black residents, primarily Somali immigrants, live at or below the federal poverty line. In a pilot program to provide them with culturally appropriate foods, the CAC will coordinate with five halal butchers and offer $10 vouchers to 100 families so they can purchase halal meats from those butchers. 


About the grant to Rice County Neighbors United 

Rice County Neighbors United was also granted $1,000. The United Way microgrant will support the Viking Terrace community’s new residents association in Northfield. Viking Terrace residents organized to negotiate disputed rules and lease terms with their new owners. The funding will support basic needs for the organization, including copies, newsletters, childcare and the collection of information to send to attorneys representing residents. Rice County Neighbors United is the fiscal sponsor for the new association.  


Next Microgranting Period Begins Now 

The next United Way microgrant will be awarded in November. The deadline to apply is October 15. The application is now online: https://rcauw-microgrant-app.paperform.co/