Gordon Liu, Board Chair and his dedication as a donor to Rice County Area United Way

Gordon Liu, Board Chair and his dedication as a donor to Rice County Area United Way

We ask our board chair 5 questions about his dedication to serving and donating to our community. Here is his profile!


1. What is the greatest community impact you have seen after giving to Rice County Area United Way? How do you believe your donation has impacted the Rice County Area?

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to sit and listen to Erica Staab-Absher, Director of HOPE Center, speak on the impact of domestic violence in Rice County. She talked passionately about the challenges and spoke about the concerning trends with domestic violence in Rice County. When I think of community impact, I think of empowering passionate leaders like Erica at agencies and organizations across Rice County. I don't know exactly how my family's modest contribution impacts the community at large, but I do know that if we support the high-impact organizations doing crucial work, we can help strengthen our community. Through our collective philanthropic efforts, we can help mobilize and deploy resources where they are most needed.



2. What drew you to donate to RCUW?

RCAUW's mission of mobilizing resources—especially as it relates to elements of human and social capital—resonates with me. I think service/volunteerism and giving/philanthropy are two sides of the civic engagement coin and equally instrumental in creating a more robust, resilient, and vibrant community. I am drawn to RCAUW not only because of the community work but also the innovation and passion. Just this year, RCAUW launched two new initiatives: a new microgrant to support emerging community challenges and an annual Day of Caring event to leverage our collective caring power. I want to support passionate people doing cool work.



3. What is your vision for the future? What do you hope your donation will accomplish?

I hope everyone in Rice County can find a meaningful way to engage in their community, whether through service, philanthropy, or something else entirely.



4. Did you have a personal connection to RCUW? How have you been impacted by the work we do?

My wife and I have a toddler who loves to read. Our two year old is a regular at Buckham Memorial Library and a huge fan of their new Book Bike (purchased with support from RCAUW grant). When she learned about Dolly Parton's Imagination Library, which is locally managed by RCAUW, she was absolutely distraught that some kids don't have their own books. It seems like we will need to do some fundraising for that program to "help other kids get books."



5. Describe your favorite RCUW event. Why did you participate? How did this influence your decision to get involved in the community?

My wife and I are both AmeriCorps Alums, so service has always been a big part of our lives. When RCAUW launched the first annual Day of Caring in Rice County, we were excited to sign up and volunteer as a family. We spent the morning cleaning up the grounds at some of the area schools. Despite the rain and chilly weather, we had a blast! It was a great opportunity to introduce our daughter to service. The Day of Caring shirts is now one of her favorites.


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