2019 Campaign

Community Resource Bank staff celebrate Hawaiin day of their United Way campaign - wearing tropical shirts and colorful leis

United Way campaign season is underway! Many workplaces around Rice County are having fun with their annual United Way campaigns or will be holding them soon. In the photo above, the staff at Community Resource Bank in Northfield celebrate Hawaiian Day on day two of their week-long campaign. Many thanks to the 25+ local workplaces holding United Way campaigns this year.

"Smiling young girl in bright pink helmet hangs onto wall at ice rink"
2019 Brochure

Our new brochure has been mailed to everyone on our mailing list. Please let us know if you would like to be added to our mailing list. (Click on the brochure image to see a PDF version of our 2019 brochure.)


Our campaign goal this year for the combined Faribault and Northfield regions is $470,000. The objective is to provide a broad base of support for health, education, and financial stability in our community. We provide grants to well-run nonprofit agencies and school-based programs that address essential issues such as:

  • hunger and homelessness,
  • health and wellness
  • domestic and sexual violence
  • unemployment
  • literacy and school success
  • child abuse prevention
  • teen chemical and mental health
  • community connectedness
  • opportunities for people with disabilities
  • low-cost meals for seniors

Every donation makes a difference. Please support us with your gift today.